Many homeowners reading this are probably in the market for a new garage door or they want to replace the existing one. However, before you go out to buy a new garage door, it is important to know what’s the going rate for a garage door and what factors influence its price.

As a buyer, you’ll want to take a couple of factors into consideration like size, security features, type of material and even the transportation of the garage door to your home. That’s why the price every homeowner ends up paying will be a bit different.

What is the Average Price of a Garage Door?

The national average is around $1000, but prices will range from $700 for the smallest and cheapest garage door to about $1500, for a better quality garage door. However, you also need to factor in transportation and installation or garage door replacement.

If you happen to shop at Lowe’s, you’ll primarily find brands like Pella, the prices for this brand is anywhere from $239 to around $4000. The lowest-priced garage doors are often manufactured using recycled steel and you’ll only get them in white color. However, there is nothing stopping you from coloring it. Our suggestion will be to choose a 14-gauge garage door with tough nylon rollers. You’ll also want an installation that’s not available with lower-priced garage doors. Plus make sure that the warranty is for at least 10 years.

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Garage Door Materials Matter Too

You’ll find that garage doors are available in several materials, and each type has its own set of pros and cons. If you want durability, then steel is your best option. If it is beauty, then wood or something similar may be a good choice. But wooden garage doors are expensive, have a short service life and require a lot of maintenance.

Aluminum, vinyl, copper, and fiberglass garage doors are relatively common. However, as mentioned above, always try to buy the best quality garage door you can afford so that it lasts the longest time. Also, because it is the largest machine in any home, it has to be safe so it should have a couple of useful safety features.

Installing a New Garage Door

Installation pricing is a little trickier to factor into the price because every garage door company has a different pricing structure. Not to mention that the prices aren’t mentioned on a garage door company’s website. So, you’ll need to call the company and get a quote. Honestly, you’ll probably have to call half a dozen companies to get a price estimate and even then, you’ll pay a few extra dollars more or less than what is quoted.

Final Word

Now for many people buying a new garage door is a major investment. However, with research and understanding, it is possible to maximize your investment in a new garage door significantly.