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Elite Garage Door are experts in high quality Bent Garage Door Panel replacement and repair. We know how important your home, office or company building garage door is and we’re accessible every minute of the day to fix bent garage doors. If you notice an issue with your garage door, it is best to look into having it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Our highly trained and insured technicians make bent garage door services a priority. We can respond in 45 minutes meaning the security that your home or business depends on can be brought back up to the standard that you depend on.

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Garage Door Top Panel Bent

Most garage doors are constructed of panels or sections that can bend for many reasons. Damage to the top panel of garage doors can be caused by broken cables or malfunctioning rollers such as garage door rollers that came out of track. In addition, some top panels can become bent due to damage from car impact. This can result in difficulty closing and opening the door and risk of further damage such as broken brackets, springs or rollers.

Can I Replace A Single Panel on My Garage Door?

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Bent Garage Door Panel Repair

Damaged metal door panels with bends or dents can be repaired by Elite Tech Services, LLC. We specialize in a range of garage door brands including Linear, LiftMaster, Raynor, Amarr and Clopay. Rather than letting the damage get worse, stop using the garage door to prevent irreversible damage or hazards for anyone in the garage doors vicinity. With danger of heavy equipment falling to the ground, it is best to have the garage door inspected and repaired by qualified technicians. It is for this reason that we take bent garage door panel repair seriously and our technicians are able to respond within 45 minutes, this ensures that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Repairing a Bent Garage Door Panel

Some garage doors are made with metal and some are made with wood, whereas others are made with a mixture of both, such as interior metal and decorative wood on the outside of the garage door. Bent garage door panels can be a result of a vehicle hitting the door or due to a malfunction. For example, if there is a problem with other components such as broken springs, further damage can occur. A bent garage door panel can cause the tracks to become misaligned, which may result in the garage door failing to open and close correctly and ultimately be at risk of derailing. Struts can be installed when repairing a bent garage door panel with minor damage. Struts are V shaped supports made from metal that can run along the width of the door. As struts add extra weight to garage doors, it may be necessary to replace the garage door springs to enable them to cope with the extra weight.
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