Our Garage Door Parts

Elite Garage Door where you can expect to discover a competitively priced, Our garage repair business that offers 24/7 availability and a 45 minute response time. Among the many high quality parts that we use in our repairs, you can find exceptional brands such as Garage Door Parts by Elite Garage of Seattle. That’s because we have a reputation for providing our customers repairs that are made to last. This is extremely important, when you consider the type of weather that you can find in Seattle and the surrounding regions.

Heavy Duty Springs

Another good example is the fact that we use Heavy Duty Springs – High Cycle Springs when it comes to repairs that will last longer than those that use traditional springs and can be found in commercial applications. For the typical homeowner, these springs can last up to 10 times longer. This means that they can provide decades of service with no concerns over breakage.

Heavy Duty Springs - Elite Tech Services, LLC

Ultra-Quiet Rollers

We also offer Ultra-Quiet Rollers that can eliminate much of the distracting and disturbance-causing sounds that a garage door opener can make, when it’s in use. This can prove to be a great option for those whose sleep or work efforts would otherwise be disturbed. This is definitely something that you would want in a household in which there are people who work at odd hours and use the garage when others are sleeping.

High Quality Torsion Cables

High Quality Torsion Cables are also items that we have stocked in our parts department, so that our garage door technicians can use the very best parts for your repair/replacement.

Heavy Duty Drums

Additionally, Heavy Duty Drums are used by our garage door repair technicians, in order to ensure that the repairs we make live up to the superior reputation that we maintain with our customers.

Center Bearing Plates

We also carry Center Bearing Plates that are made from the highest quality materials in order to offer worry-free support that can only be found in parts that are built to last.

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