Garage Door Drums Repair/Replacement

We understand that there’s no time to waste, when your garage door isn’t working properly. One of the most common repairs has to do with the replacement of your Garage Door Drums. Those are the rollers that you’ll find at the far end of torsion spring shafts. Their job is to assist the door cables to unwind and wind and as such, they are responsible for the actual heavy lifting of your garage door. You’ll find these drums located above each of your garage door tracks, which are located on either side of the garage door opening.

Garage Door Drums Cabels - Elite Tech Services, LLC
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Garage Door Drums Replacement

You can tell that there may be a problem with your garage door drum(s) when you notice that the garage door has become “shaky” and “noisy”. Garage door drums, that are not professionally maintained, will accumulate dirt and dust, due to the damp weather in the Seattle region. These drums will need to be replaced, in order to prevent damage to other garage door parts. Call the experts, when it comes to Garage Door Drum Replacement!

Garage Door Drums Replacement - Elite Tech Services, LLC

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Garage Door Repairs need to be done by trained professionals! Because of the high tension placed on garage parts, there is a chance for serious injury to occur to those who are not experienced with garage door repair!
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