Garage Door Safety & Security Tips

At Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair Of Seattle, we take the safety of residential and business garage doors very seriously. Garage doors can be considered the largest moving object on a property and one that ensures Garage Door Safety and Security In Seattle. The everyday operation of a garage door is a common moment, it opens and closes several times a day, however, this does not cancel out any harm or inconvenience that may occur if the garage door was to malfunction or become damaged.

Garage Door Safety and Security In Seattle - Elite Tech Services, LLC

Garage Door Safety and Security In Seattle – Elite Tech Services, LLC

The Garage Door Safety

The Garage Door Safety - Elite Tech Services, LLC

Garage Door Safety In Seattle is a major focus by our team and we respond to our customers within 45 minutes! It is estimated that over 30,000 people are injured by garage door malfunctions every year in the USA by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. This includes garage doors coming off the track and falling to the floor or injuries resulting from broken springs. The best way to deal with an issue with garage door safety in Seattle is to speak with a trained and qualified technician. Elite Garage Door services is the number 1 trusted garage door specialists in Seattle. Adjusting or trying to repair garage doors by untrained persons may result in further damage and significant injuries and harm to those involved. We know that the safety of you and your family comes first which is why we are able to respond to situations such as this is urgent and that’s why we respond in less than 45 minutes.

Garage Door Safety Information

If you notice and issue or malfunction with your garage door, you can follow this Garage Door Safety Information which includes simple steps for a visual inspection and assessment. Alternatively, you could consult instructions from your garage door manufacturer for any further advice.

Visual Inspection

Consider Visual Inspecting the springs and cables of the garage door by trying to identify any signs of general wear and tear. If you notice any damage to the springs, cables, rollers, pulleys such as bending, snapping or rust call one of our specialists who will be able to offer free advice. Springs should not be tampered with without necessary training as they are a major health and safety hazard. Garage doors need lubrication as the mechanical parts and mechanisms are at work several times a day as the door opens and closes. It is good practice to lubricate the moving parts on a regular basis. This can be carried out using a silicon-based oil spray.

Testing The Door Balance

The Door Balance can be a good indication of any damage or malfunction in the garage door system. When the door open, it should move smoothly when lifting by hand without too much resistance. If there is any resistance the garage door may need adjustments.

Garage Door Safety Information And Important Tips

Other Garage Door Safety Information And Important Tips to remember include:

  • Keeping fingers and hands away from the garage door when it is opening or closing.
  • While the door is moving, no one should try to stand or walk under the door or attempt entrance or exit by trying to race through the door.
  • It is recommended that garage door owners keep doors maintained to ensure it operates safely at all times.
  • This is best achieved through annual maintenance by trained technicians.
  • An important aspect to note is to take care to not interfere with the garage door’s springs or cables.

These parts are under extreme tension and damage can lead to severe injury or worse.

If you would like to speak to a highly trained and qualified technician about further garage door safety information, contact us on 1.206.934.1234. We are happy to provide more information and advice at any time.