The look of the garage door is mainly determined by the panels used for the door. Garage door panels come in various styles; some more common ones are shown here. Details on the door’s design and how to choose the panels are also included.

Selecting the correct garage door type might be challenging in today’s market because of the vast array of options available to consumers. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you don’t know where to begin when choosing garage door panels.

What Are Door Panels?

Sections of a garage door below the windows are known as door panels. Without glass, the panels of a garage door are broad pieces that are either horizontal or vertical. The amount of panels in a garage door depends on the door’s size and design. The number of panels in a garage door may be changed by the homeowner who orders a completely customized door.

Garage Door Panels

Garage Door Panels

Panel Options

Different choices are available, based on the kind of material, the installation method, and the time of year.

  • Beaded wood/vinyl panels come in tongue and groove options. It is possible to paint Flatwood composite panels. Also available are flat panels of urethane, vinyl, and solid wood.
  • Composite, wooden, vinyl, and hidden raised panel solutions are available. For panels wider than 12 inches, tongue and groove are employed, whereas solid wood is used for the smaller ones. Wood, vinyl, and urethane are all options for V-groove panels.

Directional Choices

In most cases, the garage door may be installed horizontally, herringbone-style, or vertically.

  • With vertical panels, the textures go from top to bottom and are most often used.
  • Horizontal panels have textures from left to the right, whereas herringbone panels have patterns installed at a 45-degree angle from the horizontal.

Choosing The Right Panel Style

The most crucial aspect of selecting a panel type is ensuring it matches the property’s architectural style.

  • For garage doors, raised panels are the most common choice since they can be used in modern and historic houses. The door’s visual attractiveness will be boosted because of the door’s decorative and beautiful design. Raised panels may be long or short, depending on the size and form of the door.
  • Traditional houses are more likely to have recessed panels, which are panels that are recessed into the garage door. Decorative attachments like latches, knobs, and ring pull may be seen on carriage-style panels.
  • Those who want their garage to have a contemporary style might choose flush panels, which are flat.
Major Garage Door Panel Styles

Major Garage Door Panel Styles

Number Of Door Panels

The amount of garage door panels needed depends on how the door is opened. The door must be able to be opened appropriately if the number of panels is multiple. Two-, three-, and four-paneled doors should be the norm for all three types of swing, trifold, and bifold doors. Compatibility with the garage glass, if any, should be addressed.

Types Of Garage Door Panels

1. Panels with a Long Height

Door depth and individuality are enhanced by using elevated panels higher than usual. Doors made with long raised panels combine with diverse house styles, thereby being flexible. If you are scared of making a mistake concerning door selection for your house, this panel style is advised.

2. Short-Raised Panels

Due to their square shape, short-raised panels give the door its ideal depth over long-raised panels. Colonial and Victorian-style homes, as do Tudor-style homes, benefit significantly from using these panel types.

3. Doors with Glass Panels

Designed for modern house models, glass panels are the ideal choice. Choosing a Glass Garage Door with this panel design enables you to decide on the number of window panels you need per segment. It’s also possible to select the kind of glass that lets in the quantity of light you want via the door.

4. Flush Panels:

Flush panels are the appropriate solution for individuals wanting an attractive look. They have a flat and slightly textured surface. Choose a texture that complements the rest of your home’s decor.

The exterior blends in with the flush panels. They have a clean, uncluttered appearance. Your garage’s clean lines and minimal texture guarantee that it’s both creative and discrete at the same time. They’re simple to clean and maintain since they have no raised or recessed texture.

Make Your Door Look More Elegant By Adding Panels

Make Your Door Look More Elegant By Adding Panels

Bottom Line

Buyers must conduct their due diligence before purchasing a garage door to ensure they get the proper one for their home’s exterior appeal. Avoiding costly blunders is much easier if you follow the advice in the preceding paragraphs. More than just a place to park your car, a garage can make or break your house’s exterior appeal.

Replacing the old garage door with a new and more attractive one is a terrific way to improve the appearance of your home.