We currently live in the Seattle area, after having moved here from Southern Illinois.

My wife and I got a great deal on a house that allows me to hit the highway rather conveniently when it comes to my morning drive to work. It’s also a stone’s throw away from the local school that my kids attend, so everything looked “perfect”. However, security has always been a major concern for us after a few unpleasant experiences in our old neighborhood.

This was the primary reason why we not only shopped around for a home in a “good” neighborhood, but we also had some extra security measures installed in addition to those that were already in place. In this case, we had a secured front entrance gate installed with an automatic opener that was rated as one of the best that you could buy for a private residence.

You can imagine our dismay when the gate opener failed to function after I had already left for work, and my wife was about to get the kids ready for school! When she called me on my cell phone, I was in the middle of traffic and the last thing that I wanted to deal with was a broken gate opener!

Fortunately, my wife and I had made it a point to put together a list of “emergency numbers” that consisted of various highly-rated local businesses, which included household issues such as plumbing, electrical and other items that could possibly need immediate attention in an emergency situation. One of these businesses is Elite Tech Services LLC, which specializes not only in the repair of garage doors but also in the repair and replacement of gates and gate openers, as well.

I had my wife give them a call and true to their advertising, they were there within the 45-minute time frame after she had finished calling them. They got the job done quickly and efficiently and were pleasant to deal with. Since they’re open 24/7, we’ll make sure to keep them on our list, should we run into any other problems of a similar nature. By the way, they were reasonably priced too.