Give The Garage A Face Lift

Making the garage a warm, livable space is an important aspect which could be improved by additions and improvements. In today’s market, there are multiple alternatives such as carriage doors made of composite materials, steel, frosted doors. With all the options available and professional and qualitative help accessible in the market such as Garage Door Repair Services in Seattle WA, the look of the house and the community as a whole could be changed substantially from an old worn out look to sleek, classy and modern look.

Increase Home’s Curb Appeal And Resale Value

If you have an old garage door replacing your garage door can significantly enhance the value of your home and attract potential buyers. Customers always look for new and modern designs with a high quality, low maintenance, ease of use upgrades. According to research conducted by NAR (National Association of Realtors) and NARI (National Association of the Remodelling Industry) according to their research, the Number of happiness homeowners had with their new garage door replacement is 33% better function and livability for their home.


From an investment standpoint replacing a garage door is a fascinating home improvements from an investment and appreciation standpoint. Considering garage replacement is one of the most affordable home improvements and is a winning proposition. There is a 76.9% increase in the ROI and upgrade after a garage replacement.

Decide On Correct Home Improvement Projects

The fluctuations in design and value of each home improvement project have been fluctuating over the years. But, garage door remodeling has consistently shown up in the top ten best improvements. Choosing the right Home improvement projects is all that makes the difference and best ROI.
“If you see yourself keeping the house for at least five years, you shouldn’t worry about value at all,” Webb says. The reason: Housing trends and fads can change dramatically in this amount of time, so what’s hot today could be passé all too soon. So if you plan to stay put, the renovation will make you happy, period.
If, on the other hand, you’re planning to sell in less than five years, “then looking at the return makes sense,” says Webb. Just keep in mind that tastes vary widely by location, so it’s important to pinpoint what’s hot in your area (which is why Remodelling breaks down its data into nine U.S. regions). For instance, composite decks may be significant in the Midwest, whereas the South is gaga over new garage doors. As Webb points out, “Every one of the 29 projects had at least one market where the payback was over 100%, So every project got love somewhere.”

Increased Energy Efficiency

An old garage door that rattles around in its tracks contains loose panels and has inadequate or worn out weather stripping creates a walk-in freezer attached to your house. Increased energy efficiency also means the adjacent room to the garage is going to be colder, which means more usage of electricity to insulate the rooms. Unlike old doors, an insulated garage door seals the shut and holds up the cold air which makes the whole house warmer and reduces cost spent on heating systems which mean increased energy efficiency. Because an insulated garage door keeps cool air in during summer and cold air out during winter.

Noise Reduction

Rattling and clanging away, an old door makes enough noise to everyone in the house. Also, an old a battered garage door can have many gaps which will pull a lot of noises from the street, and this gets resounded through the garage. Replacing an old door with a Qualitative garage door which is newly insulated and well-fitted door helps not only to curb noises but also does not make noises.

Insurance Premium

Security from burglars and also stability against harsh weathers is minimized exponentially for the house by adding a new garage door. By updating the insurer on your recent home improvement plan, you can reap benefits such as lower payments on particular designs suggested by the insurer and can receive benefits on your Insurance premium.

Makes 40% Of  Your Home’s Exterior

If your garage door does not match your home’s exterior, you lose 40% of chances for your home to look good. According to Cost vs. Value which from the past 30 years has been into scrutinizing various upgrades and forecasting how much return on investment recouped. One such investment is Garage door replacement where the cost of replacement is approximate $1749 with a resale value of $1345 which is over 50% of the investment.

Offer Security

An ill fitted old garage is a threat to the property in many ways and also a threat to the people residing in these homes. A large part of burglaries and threats in houses happen through garage doors which are older than ten years because of them made of either Wood or metal. Insulated and modern garage doors have 80% more security because of being tight fitted and made with the superior material but also because locks have become more advanced hence harder for potential thieves to break in. But there is a challenge on how secure is an electric garage door, trying to locate fabrication date which is in the motor box. Also, look on your remote transmitter to see if the words SECURITY+ or Rolling Code is there. If this is the case, know that your door opener has the built in rolling code technology with one million combinations.
At any time, if you are not sure about how secure your garage door is or if you have proper garage door security system. Contact Garage Door Seattle services to get the best possible guidance on safety systems, adding a new garage door which will give you a confidence of full security for your house.

Protect Home Against Weather Damage

According to George Palmer owner of All Florida hurricane depot “Braces are the cheapest way to go when securing a garage door, the most expensive being replacing an old garage door with a wind-rated door. Everything else falls in between,”. The most important traits of a qualitative garage door are to face Harsh weather conditions and also keep your garage and the contents in the garage safe. To have a durable and consistent performance, you will have to select a garage door that best works in a harsh climate. There could be multiple methods through which a garage door could be secured such as Adding braces to the garage door, using an impact resistant garage door, install garage door netting, adding props, and installing hurricane panels.
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