Security Tips For Your Private Garage

In many cases, garage doors are potential weak links in the overall security of homes or businesses. These Security Tips For Garage Door access points will help to ensure the best possible solutions.

Prevent Fishing

Garage door openers have an emergency release that can allow the door to open resulting in a potential security risk. The technique, otherwise known as “fishing” is performed by creating a gap at the top of the door. A wire can then be inserted which can hook the release and disconnect it. Difficulty of achieving this varies depending on the manufacturer and model of the garage door. If you would like further advice on this, you can contact a trained specialist at Elite Tech Services, LLC.

Always Remember To Close The Door

A garage door monitor is a very simple object which can dramatically increase the security of a home or business. The sensor is placed on the door and is set up to monitor a stationary location or spot. Any monitor should work with your garage door but if you would further advice, our technicians will be able to help.

Improve Security On The Entry Door

The entry door is a door which usually gives access from another part of a property to the garage. For utmost security, ensure this door can be locked at all times.

Add Bright Lighting

Motion detector lighting can go a long way in improving security. In addition, it saves energy by only turning on when it senses movement.

Don’t Leave The Opener In The Car

An Additional Security Tip For Garage Doors includes ensuring that you take the garage door opener with you. Having it attached to your keys is a good way to ensure this. This means that there is no added security risk to your property in the unfortunate event of a car being broken into.

High Tech Opener System

Call us at Elite Tech Services, LLC to find out more about high tech garage door opener systems. Some systems include built in security features such as lighting controls, automatic closing as well as a smartphone connection. If you ever forget to close the door, high tech systems can do this for you. Through a smartphone connection, the garage door can be controlled from anywhere in the world. You can check to see if it is closed and some systems send notifications to let you know if the door has been opened.

Lock The Overhead

When going away for a long period of time or on vacation, some people lock the garage door by unplugging the opener. Another Security Tip For Garage Door Safety includes installing a lock into the tracks by drilling a hole so that a padlock system can be used. At Elite Tech Services, LLC we are happy to come and install this for you or discuss any further options for increased security.