Frustrated by your Garage making noises at not so appropriate time? Wondering how to make your Garage door quieter so that you are not awakened at 2 in the morning? You could stop the disaster by fixing it for some time but what should be kept in mind is that although you can reduce the noise, it is impossible to have an entirely silent garage door. There are two ways to mitigate the noise either by fixing it yourself or through professional help.

Potential Indicators:

• The Door opens/closes with a thud.
• The Door has come off the Hinges.
• A problem in the Garage Door opening. Sometimes it opens, and sometimes it doesn’t.
• Sometimes the Garage Doors open a little and stop.

Here are some ways that could help you control the noises.

What Could You Do Yourself?

1. Check and keep track if the rollers are damaged or worn. If the tracks are aligned properly using a chain door openers are much noisier than openers with a belt made of rubber.
2. Also, vibrator insulators play a major role. These vibrator insulators are placed in between the door housing opening and the metal bracket which are on the ceiling. These act as silencers to the door.
3. Tighten all nuts and bolts to make sure there are no screws that are loose or hanging. Also, check if to see if any parts seem to be broken or damaged.
4. Lubricate the Hinges, Springs, tracks, rollers, and the perimeter weather stripping. Also, lubricating the Garage door opener chain, the excess could be wiped off with a rag.

What Could Professional Technicians Do?

1. A Garage Door technician is the correct person to guide you if you are not sure about what to do about the noises. It is always safe to rely on professional help if you are not a good handyman yourself.
2. Perform a full and detailed inspection to see if your Garage door is working properly.
3. Replace your steel rollers to a nylon one.
4. It is recommended to have maintenance done ones in every 18 months after two years of the purchase.
5. It is to be noted that if your garage is making noise. It’s not just the door but the whole set up itself. So, a check-up might help to know if the garage system is running alright or has some malfunctioning. Also, many have annual tune-up program to help your garage door to run smoothly.
6. Replace your spring system with a Torsion spring system which considerably reduces the noises.

If you have faced one of the problems mentioned. Always consult a garage door specialist.

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