Garage doors are one of the most common things that houses have. A lot of the garage doors come with both manual and automatic systems. A fun fact, the automatic garage door was also invented by the same person who invented the first garage door. The reason that led to this invention was frustration from opening the garage door every day after coming home back from work.

If you happen to live in a house or apartment that has storage garages, there is a high chance that there will be a situation when you would have to Change Your Garage Door into the automatic setting or use a garage door manually.

To ensure this new task does not cause any harm or confusion, we have gathered some useful tips and steps to release and reset your garage door.

Step 1

Safety is a priority

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that the garage door should be closed before you make the switch to manual. This is immensely important as the garage doors are significantly heavy and, if released without any supporting springs or any sort of support, can result in an unwanted situation.

The Unusual Opening or Closing of Your Garage Door can easily damage any objects lying under it or seriously hurt the garage door user. So, your first step when changing your garage door setting to manual should be to close the garage door.

Safety is a Priority

Safety is a Priority

Step 2

Carriage Opener should be disengaged with Emergency Release Cord

This step is tricky and seems a little confusing at the start, but if you keep following the instructions given below, it will be a lot easier.

  • There are two distinctive points where the rail and the garage door connect. Out of the two parts, the part that is attached to the door directly is called the trolley. Within the trolley, there is a part called an opener carriage. There is a red cord, also known as the emergency release cord, and you will find this suspended from the trolley.
  • If you pull the cord directly downwards will lead to the cord temporarily disengaging a spring lever which will furthermore release the trolley from the carriage.
  • If you want the garage door to stay in manual operation mode, you have to pull the red cord down towards the motor. This little step will not allow the trolley to connect again and make the lever stay disengaged, hence keeping the garage door in the manual setting.

Step 3

Keep the Door Closed When Not in Use

It does not mean that a garage door cannot be left open in manual mode on its own. The main purpose is to serve as a precaution to make sure you stay safe as you never know that there could be a slight problem or movement which could result in any form of harm.

You are also advised to make sure the garage door is closed before connecting back to the opener carriage, again due to safety measures.

The Advantages Of Maintaining A Garage Door Opener

The Advantages Of Maintaining A Garage Door Opener

Step 4

Connect the Door back to the Opener Carriage

This step is a very easy one and takes very little time. All you need to do is just pull the cord towards the doors to re-engage the spring lever. It will make the connection between the trolley and the carriage.

After that, you have two options:

  • One is that you can move the door upwards toward the opener carriage with your own hands until you hear a click sound,
  • Or, the other easier option you have is that you can use the remote of the garage door, which will connect it back on its own with just a simple click by your hand on the remote.

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Bottom Line

So, this is a simple and brief guide to release and Reset Your Garage Door. We understand this sort of new task can seem somewhat difficult at first glance, but hopefully, all these steps and tested tips will help you and make this task a lot easier and safer.