Yes, you can most certainly Replace A Single Panel on your garage door if it has been damaged or does not look good for whatever reason. What’s more, is that you can hire a professional or choose to do it yourself. Either way, the process isn’t very time consuming, and with a few basic tools, it is a pretty easy repair job to pull off.

Why would you want to replace the panel? Have you just ended up damaging a section of your garage door in whatever way? Now you are wondering how to fix it yourself without having to spend much money on hiring a professional? Then here what you should know.

You Can Replace Panels That have Been Suddenly Damaged

Now, if your panel was damaged by accident like, for instance, you backed your car into the garage door, then it is possible to replace it. To start with, you need the make and model of the garage door, the color, and the size of the panel. You can find this information on the garage door’s serial number, then use that number to contact the manufacturer and ask them for a replacement panel.

After you have the replacement panel with you, which could take a few days, depending on who the manufacturer is, the next step is to install it. Fortunately, with the right installation procedure, the new panel should last you a very long time.

When Should You Not Replace the Garage Door Panel?

Well, there are many times when you will not want to replace the panel because it isn’t going to sit well. The first and probably the most important reason why replacing the panel isn’t going to be a good idea is if it has been damaged by age. Age means rust and corrosion. So, if that part of the panel is damaged, there is a good chance a significant portion of the Garage Door Is Damaged too, but just isn’t visible yet. While you could still replace the panel, it would be a waste of time and money since the entire door will need to be replaced soon. That’s why you’d probably want to save all that trouble and buy a new door instead.

Contact a Professional

Now, if you are not sure if your garage door should be replaced or if replacing the panels will work,  it is best to contact a professional. A seasoned professional will help you determine the extent of internal damage to the garage door and tell you if it is worth repairing. Otherwise, they will advise that you replace the garage door. Most professionals can help you by replacing an existing door as well as recommending one based on your home, current door model, and budget.