Many people are not aware of what Faux wood garage doors are, and so that’s one option they don’t necessarily consider. Faux Wood looks a lot like natural wood to the untrained eye despite it being a combination of steel and composite. The benefits of these kinds of garage doors include the fact that they are cheaper, plus they offer the best of both wood and metal. In addition to being less expensive upfront, they also require less maintenance, so homeowners spend less even in the long-term. Faux wood doors also offer better insulation, which ensures that your garage door is more efficient at keeping the garage cool during the summer and warm in winter.

Maintaining Faux Garage Doors

All garage doors, regardless of if they are steel, wood, or aluminum are maintenance-free. While Faux wood doors don’t require as much maintenance as regular wood doors, they still require some maintenance. The good thing about the material is that it isn’t susceptible to termites, rot, warping, or any other type of damage that affects real wood. Also, unlike metal, it does not rust and so will not require any weatherproofing. Ideally, those who want to save more money will want to choose a prefinished garage door, and with that, they will not have to worry about staining.

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Drawbacks of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Sure there are many benefits of faux wood garage doors, but they aren’t perfect as you might assume. While they are durable to a great extent, they will eventually start cracking. In terms of cost, even though they are more affordable compared to real wood doors, you can find other more expensive options too. The more expensive models are better in terms of appearance and durability.

Other issues with faux wood include the fact that the paint may wear off after a while. So, you always want to buy one that’s backed by a warranty. You’ll also want to check the R-value of the door if insulation is something that you prefer the garage door to conserve power.


Faux is by far the best compromise in terms of material for homeowners without making any major compromises. You don’t have to compromise the beauty of wood for the durability of metal. Plus, they look great while costing around 25% less than metal or wooden doors. Yet at the same time, you don’t spend as much on maintenance like you’d have to with natural wood. All of which make Faux wood the perfect budget-friendly garage door for anyone.