Garage doors tend to be paid very little attention. It’s just like any other door, right? However, people tend to forget that it is a mechanical structure, and hence like all other mechanical structures, it is prone to damage and wear and tear with time.

When this situation does arise, Calling a Garage Expert is the only possible solution. However, although most of us are unaware of how garage doors and their mechanics work, it is always beneficial to familiarize yourself with the details as much as you can. After all, you are the one dishing out money for all the repairs!

You must be thinking, how can one know what’s wrong with their garage door. Well! You need not worry. We have compiled several errors you can look for to determine what might cause your problem!

Here Are The Things That Can Cause Your Garage Door To Break Down

Broken Springs

Broken Springs

1. Broken Springs

There are two springs fitted into your garage door that do most of the work when it comes to opening the door. However, there’s only so much time they can work for like any other machinery. A point comes where the springs snap (literally). It could be due to overworking, them going rusty, or the adverse weather conditions in the area you live in finally kicking in.

  • Without functional springs, the door opener will only open the door slightly, if at all. When the springs break, you will most likely hear a gunshot-like sound if you are at home. After all, the springs do have a lot of pent-up tension in them!
  • Therefore, if you enjoy a sip of coffee in the evening one day and hear a gunshot from your garage, don’t worry. More chances are of it being the poor springs finally giving in than a robber breaking into your house (unless, of course, you live in a place where thefts are common. In that case, it’s better to pull out your shotgun just in case!)

2. Wrongly Aligned Track

Wrongly Aligned Track

Wrongly Aligned Track

Just imagine your door is like a train. For it to function properly, the track it is on should not be compromised in any way. The track allows it to move efficiently, and if the track is affected in any way, then the train won’t be able to move too.

  • Similarly, your garage door requires a track to move on. That track can get rusty and damaged over time. Given how heavy garage doors can be, Once The Track is Damaged, the condition will worsen if it is not attended to immediately.
  • The weighing down of the door can mess the track up pretty severely, so if you want to avoid any extra expenses at your hands, it’s better to get it fixed the moment you realize something is wrong.
  • We state this because there is the common belief of “making things work until their last breath,” which can prove not-so-beneficial in this case.
Broken Tension Springs Or Cables

Broken Tension Springs Or Cables

3. Broken Tension Springs Or Cables

When one sees the garage door open or close, the smooth movement may give the false impression of the door being light in weight. In reality, the door is extremely heavy.

  • It’s all thanks to the brilliant tension mechanics that create this illusion. Were the cables and springs not present, you wouldn’t find your garage door as graceful as you do otherwise.
  • Without the aid of the tension springs and cables, your garage door will most likely slam down when closing because there is nothing to resist its fall.
  • Plus, if you are under the garage door when it happens, you could be looking at quite a hospital bill. Therefore, if you feel your Garage Door is Not Opening with its usual grace, you should get the tension springs and cables checked!

Seek Professional Help

Indeed, a garage door and its functioning is mostly too complex for regular homeowners to deduce what might be wrong with it if the situation develops. As mentioned earlier, it is always better to call a garage door expert, Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair, and get professional help than to handle the situation yourself.

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Bottom Line

We duly hope that this article helped you in getting a better understanding of how your garage door works. Perhaps it will save you from being scammed by the worker you call for your door repair next time.