Understanding the Difference Between Torsion and Extension Springs

By | |Garage Doors|

You probably heard the term ‘extension springs’ being thrown around quite a few times by a garage

DIY Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Home Owners

By | |Garage Door Tips|

Many homeowners make a huge mistake of overlooking garage door maintenance, in addition to a professional inspection

Transforming The Basement Into A Garage

By | |Garage Doors, Home Improvment, Personal Experience|

How limited are you in storage space?  Are you finding it difficult to store all tools, trash

How Important is it to Control Climate in the Garage Door?

By | |Garage Door Feauters, Home Improvment, Personal Experience|

Homeowners now have to make many important decisions when it comes to Home improvement, renovation and re-doing

Security Features of Modern Automatic Garage Doors

By | |Garage Door Feauters|

For the longest time, burglars have exploited the one weakness in homeowners security checklist, the garage.  Manually

3 Easy Garage Fixes that can Save You Money this Winter

By | |Garage Door Tips|

The holiday season is a time to spend money on gifts for your loved ones. (Or yourself.)

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