It is infrequent to have two-car garage space at your home but should one consider building it when he has an opportunity to renovate or construct it. Well! It depends on the return on investment and the convenience of having a space where you can park two cars at a time. Most homeowners plans for long-term investments and the only question that arises in their mind is either building a two-car garage adds value to their curb or not.

Homeowners who do not want to stay in a permanent house for a long time always think of the house’s resale value. Before they could invest in any renovation or construction, the only thought they go through is either the ROI would be good in the future or not. Any renovation needs some amount of money, whether it is renovating a roof, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a garage space. All these parts of the house involve the ROI.

The average ROI of the roof is 60%, whereas the new kitchen or a bath carries an average ROI of 81.1% and 70%, respectively.

Remodeling The House

Remodeling The House

Remodeling The House

Renovating or remodeling the house has mainly three categories.

  • An elementary remodel
  • A mid-range remodel
  • A high-end remodel

The first two renovations are always affordable ways to transform the house, and the ROI on this investment is good. The homeowners are sure that the buyer would consider this renovation and pay a reasonable amount for the home.

Whereas if you go for high-end house remodeling, especially for the kitchen or bathrooms, the potential buyer will not find it attractive. The extra cost would be an unnecessary investment for the buyer. So the homeowner should keep in mind that high-end remodeling would not be a good idea if he wants to resale the house.

A Two-car Garage And Its Value To The House

According to the balance survey, 1 in 10 homeowners said they do not need a garage for their car in 2018. However, if your house does not have a garage and you consider having one, go for a two-car garage.

A Two-car Garage And Its Value To The House

A Two-car Garage And Its Value To The House


It is not only convenient for you, but it increases your house’s resale value. In today’s era, it is very common to have more than one car at a time.

Teenagers or couple living in a house has two cars of their own which need space. So if you don’t have a garage space, consider having a two-car garage space for the home.

However, try not to remodel the construction towards a high-end renovating category because it will decrease the ROI. The buyer would not like to invest in an upscale renovated house.

The resale value will increase if the house has a two-car garage space. The buyer would find it extra to pay for it, but eventually, he saves his other property from damage.

The risk of parking the car outside the house is high if you don’t have a garage. Paying extra money for a two-car garage ultimately gives the buyer an advantage of extra space, which he can utilize in the future.

Garage Styles And Trends Which Increase ROI

Consider the following features while renovating or adding a garage to get good ROI :

  • A New Garage Door Installation would give your house a high ROI, and you will definitely see people get attracted to the new door and its all-over appeal to the curb.
  • If you have extra space for the garage, try occupying the space efficiently. Today modern cars are getting bigger, and for that, a little extra space is needed. Not only for the vehicles, everyone needs a little storage room for the house as well. You can have a laundry corner in the extra space if there is no extra car.
  • While renovating, try investing a little for durable flooring. In a new two-car garage addition, a durable floor will make it look even better.

Paint the area and seal the floor so that it would be easy to wash and wipe the floor. Making the cleaning easy would make the surface long-lasting and will increase the resale value.

  • A well-organized garage space attracts the buyer. While renovating, go easy on the storage and cabinets that make the garage look organized and tidy. Don’t invest too much in fancy storage or cabinets; instead, get some basic hooks and cabinets for the respective stuff and install them smartly.
Garage Styles And Trends Which Increase ROI

Garage Styles And Trends Which Increase ROI

Bottom Line

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