Some people understand how much a garage door affects the appearance of a home until they choose one. Alternatively, wait till they remodel and change the style to see how much of a difference it makes.

If it’s ready to install the new custom garage door, now is the time to consider all of the exciting alternatives available to you before reaching a final selection. Better begin by studying current trends so that your new garage door does not appear obsolete as soon as it is installed.

Most garage doors have a timeless design that will stand the test of time, but you should be aware of the current options that owners are choosing. It’s important to become a wise consumer and knowledgeable homeowner if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and money to make a difference.

Trends in Garage Doors That Make a Real Difference

Trends in Garage Doors That Make a Real Difference

Trends in Garage Doors That Make a Real Difference

Consider some of the following if you would want to learn more about not just your alternatives but also the most common choices now being made by homeowners:

1. Go Big Or Go Home, As The Case May Be.

This is because you’ve already arrived at your destination! Whenever it comes to visual appeal, larger garage doors are more striking. It is, however, also a matter of making it more user-friendly.

Most utility vehicles, including crossovers, are larger or broader, making parking simpler. Whether you have a big car or a small one, you’ll have plenty of room if you haul anything on the roof rack.

2. Energy Efficiency & Smart Homes

Energy Efficiency & Smart Homes

Energy Efficiency & Smart Homes

Using the latest up-to-date technology is another aspect of home security that will continue to be a trend in 2022.

SMART HOMES: Owners may use an app to monitor various or operate their garage doors from their connected devices, enabling you to see if your garage door is open or closed and if someone is trying to use it without authorization.

It also has the added security feature of maintaining a record of all garage door usage, including dates and hours. With an app, garage doors will not be left open by mistake since owners can monitor the status via their mobile application and securely close the door. If somehow the door is left open for a lengthy amount of time or beyond a specific hour at night, the app will notify the owner.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: The demand for energy-efficient garage doors grows as more homes become Environmentally Conscious. Such doors can lead to significant savings on heating and cooling by regulating the temperature in your garage.

They are especially useful if you have a living area just above the garage because controlling the temperature in the garage may help you control the temperature in the living room.

Double or triple-layered energy-efficient doors provide optimal insulation and thermal efficiency. Whereas these doors have a higher initial cost, they can save you money on energy in the long run.

Trends in Garage Doors That Make a Real Difference

Trends in Garage Doors That Make a Real Difference

3. Curb Appeal

Landscaping, hardscaping, and even curb-scaping are all options. Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your House’s Exterior should include items such as your garage doors. Choose the appropriate ones, and everything will come together to produce a seamless aesthetic appeal.

4. Contemporary

You may have numerous possibilities unless you are a true trendsetter who doesn’t mind the potential of changing the door again within a few years. These include doors with no windows, minimalist designs, and formerly unwanted materials (like copper). It contributes to creating a true piece of art on the exterior of your house.

5. Doors That Make A Statement

Doors That Make A Statement

Doors That Make A Statement

When you pull into the driveway and leave your car, your garage door is likely the first thing you see. Because first impressions matter, why not make a statement?

Statement garage doors will be popular in the upcoming year, and the styles may be tailored to your home’s motif. What’s our pick? This stunning Clopay Modern Steel garage door with column window panels creates a dramatic, sophisticated entry to any property.

Bottom Line

Garage doors don’t have to be costly, but they do have to serve a function — security, efficiency, and storage shelter – and match the decor of your home. It’s easy to overlook your garage door as a component of your overall house design, but it’s a very simple change to make. Furthermore, Changing Your Garage Door may significantly increase the value of your property.

This is why choosing the right style and materials for your garage door is crucial. Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair always considers the garage when considering a home’s overall external appearance. This is a locally owned and operated garage door repair company serving Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and the surrounding regions. Our firm has a very straightforward approach to business: we will be there for you.