Most homeowners do not consider maintaining their garage doors until it becomes absolutely necessary. Often it may mean when the garage door stops working all of a sudden due to a lack of proper and periodic maintenance.

However, we, as renowned garage door, automatic garage door opener maintenance and repair professionals, always that garage doors should be able to withstand even the harshest of weather.

A Well-maintained Garage Door Isn’t Just Energy-efficient, but we believe that it is your home’s most important feature.

Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Plan

Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Plan

Your garage door:

  • It is the main entry and exit point for large items, like furniture, and you and your family.
  • Assists in protecting your home against harsh weather as well as high temperatures.
  • Keeps the elements out of your automobile or anything else you may choose to store in your garage.

Thus, keeping in mind the fact that your garage door is your home’s first line of defense against rain, snow, wind, insect infestations, and intruders, you must carry out Routine Maintenance.

How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced?

A garage door that hasn’t been serviced for a long time is likely to lag and have trouble functioning properly. The following are telltale symptoms of a garage door severely in need of service:

  • Noisy Door: If you can hear creaking and or scraping sounds while your door is moving, it can indicate either an underlying problem. Try lubricating the springs of your garage door; if not, call the experts as it may indicate a major issue related to the motor.
  • Difficulty raising or lowering the door manually: Although automated garage doors do not ordinarily require manual opening and shutting, difficulty lifting or lowering the door manually usually signals weakening springs, which eventually lead to total spring failure.
  • Uneven Door: if your garage door seems lopsided, where one side of the door is slightly lower than the other when half opened, it’s typically a sign of an incorrectly aligned garage door. The issue needs to be addressed right away as it can lead to difficult, even life-threatening, situations.
  • Dented or Damaged Garage Door: Garage doors may become dented or damaged in a variety of ways, including being hit by a car or bicycle, inconsiderate delivery personnel, and so on. Dents can affect door balance and cause the garage door mechanism to wear out faster. Moderate repairs and maintenance can rectify the issue.
How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced

How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced

Preventative Maintenance Plan for Garage Doors

Repairs, no matter what, take time and can be expensive to carry out. However, can be avoided to a great extent via preventative upkeep measures, which are comparatively less expensive and increase the item’s life.

Therefore, the garage door and garage door opening mechanism need to be serviced on a regular basis.

Preventative Maintenance Plan for Garage Doors

Preventative Maintenance Plan for Garage Doors

To guarantee that your garage door opens and shuts when you need it, go over the checklist below frequently:

  • Close the garage door and turn off the electricity.
  • Remove oil accumulation on the track. If the muck accumulation is sticky or heavy, you may enlist the help of a professional degreaser to get it removed. Make sure that the track is fixed in its place and the wheels are able to roll on it fluidly by liberally greasing the track to facilitate the motion. Remove all residue before re-lubricating.
  • Lubricate all moving parts using a lubricant that is recommended by your garage door manufacturer.
  • Examine the door from every angle carefully for any cracks, warping, or other signs of wear and tear. Also, inspect the weather stripping of the door for signs of age or cracking. If you see any unevenness in the spaces between your walls and the door, it’s possible that the wood has warped or the metal has bent, and it’s time to replace it. Check to see whether the door isn’t bending in the up position.
  • If your garage door contains windows, they will need to be maintained more frequently. Check for any damage to the glass and the sealant surrounding the windows.
  • Consider working with a garage door repair specialist for better results.