There are few things in life as gut-wrenching than walking into your house after a burglary. Furniture missing, pictures smashed, clothes pulled out and thrown on the floor, these are bad enough, but the worst thing of all is the feeling of helplessness left in the wake of such an intimate violation of your personal space. Most people think to lock their doors and windows when they leave the house, but there’s one extremely vulnerable area of the house that most people don’t consider, the Garage Door. The following are eight tips you can implement today to keep thieves and trespassers out of your house.

1. The Zip Tie Method.

An automatic garage door may feel secure because it’s Primary Mechanism Is Attached To a Powerful Motor, but there’s one particular mechanism that burglars will target if they want to get in your house, the emergency release handle.
Often a thief will be able to slip a Coat Hanger through the cracks to pull the emergency handle, but a simple fix would be to put a zip tie around a small loop or track so that the pull can’t pull away from the motor.
Another option would be to remove the emergency pull entirely, but this could delay your ability to open your garage in a genuine emergency.

2. Take Your Garage Door Opener Out Of The Car.

The obvious place to keep your electronic garage door opener is in your car or center console, but this convenience may cost you more than time. Thieves will target your car first looking for the obvious way in, so if you can get into the habit, take your opener with you when you go inside or lock it in the glovebox. The more steps you put between thieves and your valuables, the greater your chances of preventing a break-in.

3. Invest in a Door Devil.

Most garages have a side door that burglars can kick in or break open with a pry bar, but there are devices like the Door Devil that help prevent forced intrusion. These devices usually screw into the ground to provide added protection and can easily be used for all your other doors too.

4. Frost Your Windows.

If your garage has windows, burglars can easily get a view of what’s inside, which helps them decide if it’s worth breaking in or not. There are many kinds of window tint or frosted sprays you can use to opaque the glass so that they can’t see inside.

5. Install An Alarm.

Even if you have an Alarm For Your House, your garage may still be vulnerable. Unlike window alarms that react to broken glass or blunt trauma, garage door alarms can sense motion, letting out a shrill alarm. There are many brands like SABRE for example.
6. Use sturdy materials
It might seem like common sense, but the material your garage door made out of may compromise if it’s deteriorated or rusted away. Use a solid metal or heavy wood door that can stand up to a potential break-in.

7. Install Motion Sensing Lights.

Thieves love shadows. The simplest way to deter thieves striking after dark are motion-sensing lights and home security cameras. There are many motion-detecting sensors you can buy, and some newer systems have apps that link directly to your smartphone.

8. Keep A Radio On.

One of the simplest techniques to securing your garage is to keep a radio or small tv on while you’re away. Thieves are opportunists, and if they target your house, they want to make certain they won’t get caught in the act so if they hear a television going, it suggests that someone might be home and that they would be better off moving along.

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