1) Playing with Garage Doors

There are situations that children are more susceptible to experience injured fingers and getting trapped when the Garage door closes. Racing in and out when the Garage door closes can be very dangerous. It is better to use sophisticated systems and educate children that it’s not safe to play around the Garage doors and that they need to be more cautious.

2) Getting the Garage Door Before It Closes

Even though modern Garage doors have safety precautions that prevent accidents and impacts. But, over 130 people injure themselves by trying to be near the garage door when it closes or opens. It is better to wait and move rather hurting yourself. It is better to use an alternate role rather than racing towards the garage door when it closes.

3) Entrapment’s

Entrapments can lead to severe injuries and amputation. There is always a risk of fingers getting caught between the rollers and tracks because this is a very common reason for injuries and holds a lot of danger.

4) Broken Doors

Broken garage doors can also be accounted for lack of precaution when the garage has minor repairs and neglected. Or if there is an accident by car hitting the door or other damages. There could also be malfunctioning of the garage doors or garage door opener problems.

5) Springs

Spring related issues are common in most Garage doors due to wear and tear. Most frequent accidents due to springs could be prevented by just keeping your hands away and allowing a certified garage door expert to inspect and diagnose the problem and how it could be dealt.

6) Glass

With the advent of new age home improvements garage doors have been evolving to match the physical appeal of homes. This include garage doors having glass windows because of which at some point there is a chance of dealing with broken windows. It is common to see a mess caused by broken windows after it is broken. Leaving any shards around the garage door is hazardous.

7) Sharp Edges

Since the garage door comes with a metal frame and sometimes cleaning or coming in contact without proper tools and gloves could be dangerous. It is better to take a precaution rather than face consequences.

8) DIY

Spring is a time for Do It Yourself opportunities. Most people prefer to do their maintenance and repair themselves since it is an affordable and easy option. But, there is always a chance of injury if you do not know the garage door model or haven’t checked the manual correctly. It is always important to have regular check-ups quarterly and get professional help if there is a problem.

9) Falling Sections

Routine maintenance plays a pivotal to be sure that the bolts and hinges are tightened and in perfection. If a garage door is not properly maintained there is a chance that the entire gag garage arrange door might fall off. Each year a garage door collapses more than 2,000 times damaging cars and hurting people.

10) Injuries

It is critical to see where you place your hands when working near garage doors and the joints because these injuries were one of the most common reasons for injury.
8 Garage Door Safety tips To Avoid Accident - Elite Garage & Gate
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