Does your garage door opener date back to when the Beatles were on The Ed Sullivan Show? If that’s the case, you would want to consider replacing that old garage door opener. If you are still on the fence, here are a couple of solid reasons to get a replacement right away.

Improved Safety for You and Your Family

Let us ask you this: what is the main entry point for your home? For many people, it is the garage. You’ll park your car in the garage and later leave for work via the garage too. It may also be the place where you have stored all garden and lawn accessories.

In older model garage door openers, there was no auto-reverse system. The system works by automatically reversing the direction of the garage door if something or someone gets in its way. If you don’t have this system in place with your current garage door opener that’s reason enough to get a new one.

The other safety aspect you need to consider is that older garage door openers were easier to bypass, unlike the latest ones with codes and encryption.

Image Credit Rentvine

Image Credit Rentvine

New Garage Doors Discourage Intrusion

Intruders are lazy, and when they see an old garage door for them, it is easy pickings. The use of old-style DIP switches can easily be manipulated by intruders. Today’s garage doors use what are called ‘rolling codes.’ So, each time you press a button on the remote, a new sequence of codes is generated. The so-called Security+ system as marketed by Chamberlain, Craftsman, and LiftMaster is near impossible to forge and hence more secure.

Today’s Garage Door Openers are Connected

Tablets, computers, smartphones dominate the market, and everyone has at least one. The latest garage door openers are unlike old garage door openers because they can be accessed via your smartphone from anywhere. The new smart Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers means that you can even use your voice to close or open the door. You can also open the door from halfway across the world using the company’s app.

Newer Garage Doors are Quieter

Back in the day-old garage door openers used a chain drive which worked a lot like a bicycle chain. Even though the chain lasts for years they were and are noisy. Steel cables are less noisy and more durable. So, the latest models are quieter, smoother, and require less maintenance. Additionally, some high-end openers also use vibration isolators, which work to reduce noise and vibrations even further.

Want to Take Action?

If you have decided to replace your garage door opener but are not sure which works best for you, experts like us can help you. You are free to email or call us at any time to find out if your old garage door opener should be replaced.