Garage doors are often ignored until they need to be repaired, so why not give yours a facelift now? If you want to raise the resale value of your house, you should consider replacing your garage door. Although a garage door makeover is time-consuming, the result is worth the effort.

Consider any of these seven Garage door renovation ideas if contemplating a makeover.

1. The Outside Of Your Door Should Be Painted.

Aside from the garage door itself, ancillary items may need maintenance. The doorframe stands out amongst the others. The frame should be painted if it’s a lighter shade than the garage. The header, another component of your garage door, is often disregarded. As the name suggests, here is where the picture hangs. It’s easy to paint since it’s generally constructed of wood.

For a cohesive effect, paint it the same color as the door, or select a contrasting color for a more exciting look. This will give your home an immediate facelift.

The Outside Of Your Door Should Be Painted

The Outside Of Your Door Should Be Painted

2. Make Regular Updates To Your Hardware

The garage door’s hardware is critical to its operation. Thus it must be kept in excellent working order. It’s possible that the screws in your door need to be replaced. Replace any stripped or rusty bolts on your door with new ones if necessary. The springs of your door may also be upgraded.

You may either acquire new, lighter metal springs or get compressed ones with a more excellent breaking value if they’re worn out. You’ll save money this way, and your garage door will likely be quieter this way as well.

3. Replace The Whole Door

You may want to consider purchasing a new one for those wary of staring at your old garage door. A garage door with windows is an option since it will let natural light into your garage. Alternatively, if you want an intercom system or a window over the main entrance to allow visitors to your house to speak with you, you may choose such a design. A door with a window at the bottom can be preferable if you have pets.

Make Your Door Look More Elegant By Adding Panels

Make Your Door Look More Elegant By Adding Panels

4. Make Your Door Look More Elegant By Adding Panels

You may add panels to your garage door to give it a fresh appearance while maintaining the aesthetics of your home’s design. Paintings, riddles, and other patterns may be found on them, often constructed of wood or metal and decorated accordingly.

Metal panels may be painted with patterns, while wood panels can be stained in various hues. Make sure you choose a style you like that compliments your home before shopping.

5. Add Lighting

Lights, like panels, may enhance the look of your garage door similarly. Adding lights to the top of your door is an option. When the door is opened, LEDs on the sides provide additional illumination. The bottom of your door would be ideal for lighting any tools or other objects you may need at some point in time. Because they let you see inside your garage, Decorative Lights may enhance your door’s original design while also increasing its attractiveness to potential buyers.

6. Add An Audible Notification.

Garage door alarms are popular but may be pricey for many homes. A wireless garage door alarm comes in helpful in this situation. This technology is popular with homeowners because it eliminates the need for garage door cables and wiring.

Wiring is not necessary for this alarm. You will get everything you need in a single box, including brackets that may be attached to your door if you want. This alarm will provide an additional layer of protection against intruders.

Add An Audible Notification

Add An Audible Notification

7. Set Up A Remote

You may use the same remote control to open and close your garage door as you would operate a television or DVD player. Different frequencies are used for each one of them. The controller may be located anywhere within your house, but the most convenient spot is probably next to the entrance to the garage. This will ensure that you have quick and easy access to it.

You may also mount the remote on a wall in your house to always have easy access. With this remote, you may open and shut your garage door.

Bottom Line

You may make your garage door a whole new appearance without investing much money. Use these ways to make your garage door an enjoyable part of your house.

Upgrade your garage door, and you’ll have a quieter, more robust, and more durable garage that’s also much easier to operate. Installing a remote control for your door that you can open and shut quickly is another way to make your house safer.