Outdoor garage lights along with their corresponding panels are necessary for increasing the curb appeal of living space but finding the right one is a daunting task even in 2021.

Outdoor lightings are made explicitly for brightening one’s exterior space. In the case of garage space, they effectively bring ambiance to the front with little to no complications. If you want to upgrade the appearance of your home drastically, you defiantly want to get high-quality exterior garage lights. Besides that, incorporating lighting into your exterior can ward off potential security risks since it enlightens nearby walkways.

Whatever the reason is, you defiantly want to incorporate outdoor garage lights if you have the budget. However, the thing is, choosing the right type of light is not easy as it sounds. There are many things to consider, like placement, size, and aesthetics, which will ultimately ruin your experience.

That’s why we bring you the following buying guide, which will help you decide the best. So, let’s take a look!

How to Choose Lights for a Garage?

One of the common mistakes that most consumers make in purchasing their lighting is underplanting. This is the main reason why garage space is often too bright for an average passerby or, in some cases, poorly lit. So, to maintain the beauty of your garage front while still regulating the security and effectiveness, you need to plan ahead, which this below guide will help you out with.


When it comes to any household accessory, size does matter, and outdoor garage lights are no exception. So, when deciding the exterior garage lights on your garage, make sure to factor in adequate sizing.

For those who have small spaces and can only accommodate single light setups, height adjustments should be one-third of the size of the door. While in terms of multiple lights, one-fourth or a little over it should be the ideal height. If space is an issue for you, try to buy porch lights that can act as sturdy fixtures.

How to Choose Lights for a Garage - Size

How to Choose Lights for a Garage – Size

In contrast to that, if hanging lights are your preferred option, try to find an appropriate size with the preferred dimensions. If the given space isn’t tall enough, you will find yourself limited in sizing later down the road. Also, when choosing the size, make sure that;

  • The incorporated lighting can easily accessible from the street
  • Exterior setups should be regulated even without the need for added accessories
  • The entryway is large enough to act as the focal point

Number of Lights

Like size, the number of incorporated lighting does matter in an exterior garage space. Your lightning should be large enough to illuminate places like the driveway, paths, and even the walkway. Keeping these sections enlightened in addition to doors will also provide you a sense of security. But before you choose the correct number of lights, you should factor in the garage size and the number of doors incorporated with it.

Number of Lights

Number of Lights

Generally speaking, single, two- or three-cornered garage doors should be accessible with single light setups on each side. But if the garage size is large enough to cover 2-3 cars, then the wise decision is to opt for double the number on each end. If you are still unsure about it, then it is best to take professional guidance.


Before you jump into exterior garage light placement, you should take the time to consider the lightning category. The great thing about them is that they are available in a wide range of sizes and adjustment patterns, so you can pick whatever suits you best. Although no matter which option you select, you should carefully observe its weather rating.

How to Choose Lights for a Garage - Type

How to Choose Lights for a Garage – Type


  • As you see, some lightings are wet-rated, meaning they can tackle the wear and tear when exposed to rain or direct sunlight. Illuminations from this category include spotlights, wall lights, or simply post lights.


  • As the same implies, these lights are preferred in damp situations or areas of your living. Due to their simplified design, they are ideally beneficial in covered patios, where moisture levels are maintained. Pendant lights and confiscated fixtures are great examples of them.

We recommend that you opt for wall, ceiling, or hanging lights are as they are best suited for illuminating exterior garage space and have tedious installation. Although a combination of these three is also possible.

Other than that, if you have a dream of a Dance Studio then the most affordable option is to Turn Your Garage into a Dance Studio.


No matter which type of lighting you choose, it ultimately comes down to placement. The ideal spot for exterior garage light placement is within the pre-built fixtures. But if the fixtures aren’t in place, then the general rule of thumb should be one foot from the base of the garage door. Additionally, if you want to archive centered illumination, measure the placement area regarding the door’s width.

How to Choose Lights for a Garage - Placement

How to Choose Lights for a Garage – Placement


So, this concludes our brief guide on how to choose lights for a garage exterior in 2021. We hope that it provided you with significant knowledge in buying your next exterior lighting with ease. But before following your next shopping spree, it’s a great idea to not over lamp the garage fixtures. Try to maintain your lights within 60watt illumination for optimal results. This means the incoming ambiance from it would not glare too much on your visitors.