Many residents say garage doors are integral to many Western Australian homes. This massive piece of equipment makes it simple to enter your house by just pressing a button.

Additionally, it raises your home’s curb appeal. Even if we don’t give it much thought, we nevertheless rely on our garage doors on a daily basis. Also, it is a protective barrier to keep our automobiles and personal things safe in our garage.

Many people don’t appreciate their garage door’s importance until it breaks down. Call Elite Garage Door & Gate Repair for regular inspection and maintenance before this occurs.

You must know a few things about the garage door service:

1. Inspect the Moving Parts for Damage and Deterioration.

We begin by doing a general examination. We’ll look closer at the doors to check if anything is broken. In addition, we’ll inspect the hinges, tracks, roller wheels, wires, and screws to determine whether they are rusted or damaged.

Our professionals will record if the door’s movement is jerky or smooth. Afterward, we’ll take note of any grinding or scraping sounds it makes. As a result of our investigation, we’ll offer a remedy to any problems we uncover.

Inspect the Moving Parts for Damage and Deterioration

Inspect the Moving Parts for Damage and Deterioration

2. Look for any worn-out components in the motor.

There are many things to look out for in a garage motor. To be safe, we will first disconnect the device before we proceed. We’ll remove the motor unit from the chassis and inspect the antenna wire that runs from the logic board to the chassis. This component must be firmly fastened. If not, we’ll have to fix it and any other broken connections we detect.

Additionally, our specialist will inspect your vehicle for any signs of a sprocket or capacitor failure. A replacement or repair will be recommended as the most cost-effective approach if that is the case.

3. Keep Cables from Sliding by Checking the Spring Tension

You must take extra precautions if your springs are over a decade old. Remember that the springs on your garage door are under a lot of stress and are tightly wrapped. As a result, they are the most common cause of minor and significant injuries. Be aware that everything, including your garage door springs, has a limited lifetime. No matter how long you keep them, they will ultimately break down.

Keep Cables from Sliding by Checking the Spring Tension

Keep Cables from Sliding by Checking the Spring Tension

If your garage door is more than a decade old, you should get it inspected regularly by us. Our professionals will examine every component in your vehicle to see whether it needs replacement. Even if just one of your door’s springs is defective, we will inspect both. Preventing damage to the door will be easier if you do it now rather than later.

4. Examine the Hinges for Damage and Deterioration.

As a result of their size, the hinges of a garage door might be easily overlooked. They are still vital since they guarantee that a door closes and opens properly. More than that, door hinges provide precise tracking, which eliminates any swinging motion. If the springs and rollers are worn out, your garage door may be dangerous to open or shut.

Examine the Hinges for Damage and Deterioration

Examine the Hinges for Damage and Deterioration

Our specialists will replace the screws if the screw plate has corroded or become loose. There might be a real breakdown if the remedy doesn’t address the problem. We’ll have to replace the hinges in this scenario.

5. Perform a Safety Check on the Auto-Reverse Mechanisms

Mechanical and photocell mechanisms are available. Place a piece of wood or a block on the ground in the door’s route to test the mechanical function. There should be an automatic reversal when the door hits that thing. Close your door and place your leg in the door’s path to test the photoelectric system on the other side. Reverse the movement of your door.

6. The remote’s signal and the battery should be checked.

The remote control is the most common cause of garage door malfunctions. We can help you if you have already replaced the batteries and the remote still doesn’t function. The ‘learn’ button on the motor unit will be pressed to see if there are any problems. As a result, the remote might pick up a new signal. Sometimes Resetting The Remote or Motor will fix a garage door problem.

The remote's signal and the battery should be checked

The remote’s signal and the battery should be checked

Radio frequency interference is another possibility. Your home security system or outside lights may cause radio interference. Garage door openers might malfunction if they are near video gaming consoles.

The options will be restricted in this situation. You may change the light bulbs or move the console away from the garage to avoid this problem.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the day or season, your garage door is one of your house’s most often utilized moving parts. Preventive care and maintenance are critical if you want your garage door to continue working effectively for many years.