Almost any garage door can be upgraded. However, knowing which garage door upgrades are the most useful for a homeowner can help make things easier. Now many people may often go for the most high-tech upgrade, which is fine but in the long-term, the novelty of the upgrade may wear out. That said in this article, we’ll discuss the most useful upgrades to your garage door.

Adding a Smart Garage Door Opener

You might have heard about something called the Internet of Things, which has brought with it an array of new products to make life easier. The smart garage door opener is one such product. Not only can you open and close the garage door opener remotely, but the opener can close the door on its own if you’ve forgotten to close it in your frenzied haste to work.

The smart garage door opener can also be programmed to send you notifications every time the door opens and closes. So, you can remotely monitor when someone has entered or exited the home.

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Keypad Access

Keypad access is one of the best garage door upgrades for added security. It also helps if you often lose your keys to the home. The best thing about the latest keypads is their rolling passcodes features with light triggers that boost a home’s security. Also, if you happen to accidentally lock yourself out it is possible to enter through the garage if you remember the passcode.

Add More Insulation

Now, this isn’t a technological garage door upgrade but it is among the best. Over the past few years, garage door insulation has improved greatly and if your garage door isn’t insulated, it should be to save you money on heating and cooling. Try to get insulation with the highest R-value which is usually around 20.4, to ensure that your garage’s temperature is at a bearable constant.

Photoelectric Sensors

Owners of older garage doors i.e. manufactured prior to 1994, will probably have one that does not have a photoelectric safety sensor. The sensors are a useful garage door upgrade because they prevent the door from closing when there is an object in its way. Not only is it safe for your personal property like your car but also safe for pets and kids.


Garage door upgrades are not something that you need to invest in if you have the latest garage door with all the features we’ve mentioned above. Sometimes you might as well just buy a new garage door and hire a team of experts to install it. If you are not sure, the best thing would be to have a professional garage door service inspect your existing garage door and give you advice accordingly. The experts may also help you find a garage door that best suited to your lifestyle.