A garage door is a hefty piece of wood or metal installed in front of the garage to keep the premises secure. The automatic garage door opener is the most convenient piece of machinery attached to the garage door, which makes it easier to operate and provides protection at the same time. Whether you have a Glass Garage Door or one that is made of steel, how it works is pretty much the same.

The problem arises when a garage door, for some reason, can’t be opened automatically. Can a malfunctioning garage door opener stop access to and from the garage? Knowing How To Manually Operate a Garage Door will help if such a problem does arise. In case someone is trapped inside a stuck garage door, or if the door has jammed halfway, learning how to manually operate a garage door can help save you from a lot of trouble.

A garage door opener that is not working properly is not only a danger to the home’s security, but it can also cause damage to the property or injury. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to troubleshoot an automatic garage door opener.

What Is a Wind Loaded Garage Door & Do I Need One

What Is a Wind Loaded Garage Door & Do I Need One

Common Issues

Some common issues that may hinder the effective working of a garage door can be a damaged spring, dislodged door cables, the door slipping off its tracks, a broken remote controller, or electricity problems.

In case of a broken remote control or electricity problem, manually opening and closing the door is the only option. However, in case of a damaged spring, faulty cables, or slipped tracks, it is preferable to disarm the garage door opener and get professional help to avoid further damage to the door.

However, if the need arises, knowing how to open the garage door manually can help save time and energy.

1. Locate and the emergency relief cord

All automatic door openers are equipped with an emergency release cord used to disengage the automatic door opener from the garage door.

Locate the cord and pull the handle that is dangling from the end with enough force to counteract the spring used to secure it.

Raising The Door Manually

Raising The Door Manually

2. Raising the door manually

Once the door is removed from the door opening mechanism, it is time to manually open the door. You will need considerable force to open the door manually, so use both hands to secure the grip and pull the door up. You might need to ask other people to help perform this task, as garage doors are pretty heavy.

If the door does not budge, do not force it. This might be a sign that the door is damaged, and you might injure yourself or others in the process.

Prop Open The Door Securely

Prop Open The Door Securely

3. Prop open the door securely

There are springs present in the garage door mechanism to hold it open once the door is manually opened. However, it is still advisable to secure the open garage door by propping it up on solid surfaces that can hold its weight. If the door cannot stay open on its own, this indicates the spring on the door is damaged as well.

In this case, the best thing to do is to contact a professional to get the necessary repairs and avoid using the door before it is fixed.